For a dynamically operating company dealing in the distribution of plants, we are looking for people to support the ongoing production.


  • Overhours allowance
  • Work for couples
  • Weekly payment system
  • Health Insurance
  • Employer company can provide for accommodation and commuting to work, both at low cost

Important notice

This job is subject to ‘Youth Wage’ Dutch regulation. This means that, depending on your age, if you are under 21, your salary will be lower. See below the salaries for each age range.

You will be responsible for:

  • Sorting;
  • Planting and putting plants on the belt according to norms and standards;
  • Bracing plants using special clips;
  • Putting labels on plant pots;
  • Packing and preparing the plants for shipping;
  • Quality control (removing sick or broken plants, removing dry leaves, checking roots…)
  • Watch below our video for a quick visual overview of the skills required and the tasks to be performed.

What is required:

  • English: A2 in speech and writing

Work Conditions

Physical effort:Average
Mental effort:Light
Work environment:Production hall – room temperature
Greenhouse – 21º to 35º C
Health risks:Not Applicable
Terms of employment:Fixed-term phase A contract based off the Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Agency Workers
English language:A2 in speech and writing
Required uniform:sports shoes, jeans
Working hours:Single shift system: Monday – Friday 6:00-15:30 (work hours can change depending on demand)
Payment system:Weekly payment

Gross Wage: According to age:

Age:18 years19 years20 years21 years or older
Gross Wage:€7,15€8,17€9,21€10,34

Hourly Allowances:

Night shift allowance:50% of basic wage added for work from Monday to Friday between 19:00-6:00
Saturday allowance:35% of basic wage added for work on Saturdays between 6:00-14:00
50% of basic wage added for work on Saturdays between 14:00-06:00
Sunday/holidays allowance:100% of basic wage added for work on Sundays and during holidays*
*if you had worked less than 40 hours during the week
Overhours allowance:35% of basic wage added for working overtime*
*if you had worked more than 40 hours during the week
Holiday allowance:8,33 % paid with every weekly payment

Accommodation (optional)

  • As a benefit, the employer company offers the possibility of providing accommodation:
  • Costs: max €109,00 / week
  • All of our accommodations fulfill norms and requirements
  • Two person rooms with a common kitchen, bathroom and living room
  • Every accommodation has WiFi access and basic appliances
  • Accommodations located in: Moerkapelle, Bleiswijk, Berkel, Zevenhuizen.

Health Insurance

  • A possibility of choosing between our group health insurance and your own private insurance. Note that it is absolutely mandatory to have one.
  • As a benefit, the employer company offers the possibility of providing their insurance, which includes basic health insurance, and their employees do not pay the so-called “own risk”.
  • Cost €27,71 / week

Transport to work (optional)

  • As a benefit, the employer company offers the possibility of providing commuting to work:
  • By car, for €3,75 / day if the accommodation is more than 10 km away from the workplace
  • By bike, deposit for it is €75 if the accommodation is less than 10 km away from the workplace
  • If you have a driver’s license you can become a driver. You’ll receive a company car or bus and €2,25 netto a day added to your salary
  • We don’t offer transport to work if you have private accommodation, but you can apply for a return of transport costs (the exact amount depends on the distance between your workplace and the accommodation as well as the CLA pertaining to you)

Required documents

  • ID/Passport – in the case of the ID the front and the back and in the case of a passport, first two pages
  • Dutch criminal record check (VOG), not older than 3 months– we will help you to receive it. If you work for us for longer than 13 weeks, you don’t pay for it. If you work for a shorter period of time, the cost is €41,35
  • Bank account number – any document, where the name of the owner and the account number are visible (confirmation of account creation / screenshot of the online bank account)
  • BSN Number – if you had already worked in the Netherlands we’ll need a copy of a document (a document from the municipality, salaries, insurance card, jaaropgaaf); if you are going to work in the Netherlands for the first time, we will make the appointment for you to get it there, in the Netherlands.

You need to take with you

  • The original copies of the abovementioned documents
  • If you use the accommodation provided by the employer, you must bring or buy your own household linen (sheets and blankets, pillow, towels) and basic household items (plates, cutlery, utensils)